New Tax Deductions

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While this site is dedicated to pointing out recent changes in the tax code that may affect you and how to take the best advantage of those changes, the site will also point out a number of simple ways that you can reduce the amount of tax you pay each year.

Understanding all the deductions and credits you’re entitled to take is important in making sure you’re not paying more in taxes that you need to be. A simple change in the tax code from the previous year can have a huge impact on the amount of money you need to pay in taxes.

By missing tax deductions and credits for which you are entitled to claim can also add to thousands of dollars in over payments to the IRS during your lifetime. Keeping informed and understanding how new tax deductions and credits effect you will go a long way in helping you keep more of the money that you have earned.

Spend some time looking at opportunities you have to cut your taxes so that you don’t pay Uncle Sam any more money than he deserves.